Best Double Coffee Makers Review

1.Bella Ultimate Elite Collection 12-Cup 14623
Gourmia GCM5500 1 Touch Automatic Coffee Maker Machine
CR's take: If you like the look of black stainless steel appliances, think about adding a Bella Ultimate Elite Collection to the countertop. In addition to the fashion finish, it has a pause and feed function, welding control, programming and automatic shutdown. He brews a new pot in just 9 minutes and is easy to use, earning an excellent rating in our graphics processing tests. For about $ 50, this is an attractive (and affordable) addition to the black stainless steel kitchen complex.

2.Bialetti Combo Coffee & Espresso 35019

CR's take: Although this Bialetti lacks the typical functions of a drip machine, such as programming or control of brewed strength, the machine compensates for this by a very good result in our test for the brew and a short 8-minute cooking time. If you are a person who sometimes prefers espresso instead of (or in addition to) your morning coffee, this Bialetti offers the best of both worlds thanks to the built-in espresso machine. In addition, the machine is equipped with a built-in milk frother, a constant filter and automatic shutdown.

3.Black + Decker Mill & Brew CM5000B

CR's take: If you prefer coffee made on fresh grounds, it's the brewer that you need to buy. As the name suggests, Black + Decker Mill & Brew processes an additional step of grinding whole coffee beans right before brewing them. As a result, the machine is able to brew a large pot of coffee. It is also easy to use and clean, earning very good results in our convenience tests. The machine is made of black plastic with accents of stainless steel. You can program this model to turn it on right before awakening, and this allows you to adjust the brewing force.

4.Cuisinart Burr Grind & Brew DGB-700BC

CR's take: Like the above model, Cuisinart Burr Grind & Brew takes whole coffee beans and grinds them for each pot. It is equipped with programming, brewing control, water filter, constant filter and automatic shutdown. Cuisinart comes in a stainless steel finish with a glass chart, which deserves an excellent result for processing the decanter in our tests. But the performance and the end of this machine come at a premium - it costs significantly more than the Black + Decker Mill & Brew.

5. Coffee on request DCC-3000

CR's take: Cuisinart Coffee on Demand looks and acts quite differently, as shown in the PerfecTemp model. This choice is a self-service model, which means that it stores brewed coffee in a tank with a dispenser instead of a decanter, providing an easy way for the family and guests to fill their own cups. The machine is equipped with a removable reservoir, programming, a water filter, a cleaning indicator, etc. In our tests, "Coffee on Demand" works quite well, getting the "Very Good" rating for convenience. With a price of less than $ 100, Coffee on Demand is an excellent alternative to brewers with decanters and is an excellent choice for entertainment.

6.Cuisinart PerfecTemp 14 Cup Programmable DCC-3200
Cuisinart PerfecTemp 14 Cup ...
CR: This programmable Cuisinart coffee maker with stainless steel trim and glass chart is equipped with a water filter, a permanent filter for coffee, a cleaning mode, a cleaning indicator and automatic shutdown. The machine earns an excellent rating for welding performance and even allows you to adjust the strength of your brew. With money, this machine offers style and functions that are hard to beat. It costs a little more than Cuisinart above, but much less than Cuisinart Burr Grind & Brew, because it does not have a built-in grinder.

7.DeLonghi BCO320T

CR's take: The only other coffee / espresso maker on this list, the DeLonghi BCO320T is one of the best Bialetti (top) with the addition of programming, so you can prepare a fresh pot of coffee that awaits you in the morning. DeLonghi also has control of brewed strength, a water filter, automatic shutdown and a built-in milk frother. Back side? This DeLonghi takes about 2 minutes longer than Bialetti to brew a pot of coffee and earns only a good point for a brew. But if you really want to program and filter for water, this DeLonghi might be the best choice.
Best Double Coffee Makers Review